When in Doubt, Seize the Vu Jàdé!

We all know that Déjà vu is an uncanny feeling of ‘Been There Before ‘or an experience that we have lived before.

Vu Jàdé is exactly the opposite, it is when you are facing a familiar situation but this time, you stop, think and take a completely different take on it as if you are facing the situation for the first time.

Vu Jàdé is an interesting term that Adam Grant mentioned in his book Originals

He explained that it is important for innovators to be able to look at familiar situations and see them anew — because this fresh perspective can help them become aware of opportunities and possibilities that no one else was noticing.

Tom Dente, President and CEO of humentum briefly mentions Vu Jàdé after having chat with leaders in his field, one of the leaders summed up the process

“Do not be afraid to engage in creative destruction.”

Vu Jàdé explains how rather than going the traditional way, we should approach the solution innovatively. We might end up getting a completely different perspective while tackling the problem.

Next time when you feel stuck and are facing a roadblock, you can always Vu Jàdé it with the help of the following pointers:

1. Take the Path Less Traveled

“The hallmark of originality is rejecting the default and exploring whether a better option exists”- Adam Grant

Start with a curious mind in a familiar situation and give it a fresh perspective to gain new insights into old problems.

The untapped opportunities lie somewhere around the corner where we can see but we tend to ignore them. Changing the course of action can help if we learn to do things differently.

Bob Sutton’s book Weird Ideas That Work defines the Vu Jàdé mentality as

“The ability to keep shifting opinion and perception. It means shifting our focus from objects or patterns in the foreground to those in the background. You should inject elements of freshness into your familiar processes or routines — — such as brainstorming sessions, change timings or host meetings in an unusual place. ”

When we question the ongoing norm where we do not seem to fit in, we recognize that most of them originated from societies and our environment setting.

Rules, regulations and systems are created by people. Furthermore, the awareness that we can change them from becoming aware of it is what Vu Jàdé all about.

Before Nicolaus Copernicus discovered that earth revolves around the sun in the 1500s, everyone believed that earth was the centre of the Universe.

2. Take Risks and Own Your Failure

You would never know what lies across the wall if you do not take risks in life. The best way to determine whether it is worth taking a risk is to imagine the worst scenario, assess the outcome, take the call.

If you successfully managed to break the risk wall, you will realize that contemplating was harder than going out, risking it and doing it.

Failure comes from taking risks. Calculated ones. It also builds up your humility. It keeps you grounded. It enhances your learning and growth mentality and can accelerate your intelligence 10x.

I procrastinated on starting my blog that I should have done 5 years ago. However, the fear of rejection, perfection and acceptance haunted me. I used to think about what if I am too loud with my opinions, knowledge and the information that I would want to share. Until I finally decided to post the first article almost a month ago.

I got feedback and criticisms. They were not that bad as they were in my head. After publishing my first article, I felt good. I felt confident and I was proud of myself that I took the first and most important step.

3. Mediocrity is a Curse. Let it go!

“It’s lonely at the top. 99% of people are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most competitive.”-Tim Ferriss

Our default setting is to be in a safe zone, that is where many people are. We like to be mediocre. In our sweet comfort shell.

Mediocrity is the biggest curse for creatives and entrepreneurs. It is the place where things are decently bad. Not that bad where you feel like they should change, but where they make you comfortable and cosy.

It hinders your vision to look farther than where you are right now. It makes you feel that the only time you must change is when the likelihood of change is less painful than staying the same. If you never question conventional thinking you will never realize that you are being mediocre.

However, for that, you must be miserable.

For example, I always wanted to start blogging. As time passed by, I graduated with an International Marketing Management degree, got a well-paying job, got my family and friends happy only to realize that I hated it.

Even after having the most amazing team to work with, there was no sense of fulfilment. That is when I Vu Jàdé-ed myself.

Now, I am a full-time writer and a marketer working on small projects that make me happy. I am growing, learning, failing and I have never been so excited in my life!


  • Try combining the old context with new ideas.
  • Unlearn and let go of things of certain assumptions and beliefs that accumulated over years.
  • Stop chasing what everyone is chasing. You might be missing out on an opportunity that everyone else is missing. Think non-linear and win big!

Next time you feel stuck, try and Vu Jàdé yourself!

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